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Food is Everything and Everything is Food

Food touches every aspect of our lives


But we have taken it for granted for too long and our food systems are vulnerable and broken


But it’s not too late to fix it


We can, and should and must work together to build stronger food systems


We can create a world where no one is hungry, no one is poor and no one is left behind; a world where people and planet can thrive, flourish & prosper


Enabling conscious change across the food system ecosystem driving positive impact for people, planet and prosperity.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Using intelligence from across the food system to pollinate solutions and action globally, locally and on the plate.

Who we work with
& how we create value

Content & Education

Bringing insights, creative and compelling content on food, business, health and the planet


Bringing insights and an understanding of big and small food to the food system landscape; partnering to challenge, support and drive change toward nature-positive investment

Big and small food

Bringing extensive experience on driving consumer, customer and stakeholder value and navigating risk through insights on nutrition and sustainability and the fast-evolving food system landscape

Not for profit

Not for profit

Bringing the reality of big and small food to the table, bridging gaps, convening and helping drive realistic and impactful change

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